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The Last Hobbit on the Island

Or 'The Ramblings of Someone Small'

Camille "Camillia" Ashley
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Camille began her life with little knowledge of what she would become. Had she realized how much of her young years would be wasted away in front of a computer, forcing pixels to gain levels by smashing imaginary foes, she might have stayed in the womb a little longer. But alas, crying out the tunes of infanthood, she joined the Ashley family as the third daughter of two slightly eccentric ex-hippies who were soon to make the mistake of introducing her to fantasy, sci-fi, folk music, and gaming. Her life from that point on was rich with information, inspiration, and love. With three siblings she had no want of company, though she innevitably found friends where ever she went. At the tender age of 4 she moved to a lovely little town called "Deep River", happily situated in a beautiful part of the Ottawa Valley. There she lived until teenaghood, surrounded by forest, a small community, and as always, so much love. When she hit 12 it was straight to Toronto and into a much different situation than she had ever before encountered. Finding it difficult in these awkward years of puberty to maintain her popularity, she turned to her family and her hobbies to keep her company. Camille Ashley had properly become a 'geek' by the time she was into highschool.

She somehow combated the four years of secondary schooling and made it into university. Trent University in Peterborough suited her lust for a small town environment, and provided her with a sufficient amount of fellow geeks and eccentrics to befriend. After two struggling years in history classes, she dropped out of university and moved back home.

Our unfortunate ex-student now looks forward to a profession in early childhood education, as she has applied to Flemming College for just that. Perhaps things are looking up?


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